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2.9 km from Namba  Hotels and Apartments  
Area : Ōsaka
Current time : 17:56 hrs (GMT + 9.0)

Japan (377835 km2) Countrycode : JP | Phone code : 81
Population : 127 mln    Capital : Tokyo
Languages : Japanese 
Currency : Yen JPY    ( 1 EUR = 132.35 JPY) (1 USD = 120.00 JPY)
Neighbours :None

  Hotels and Apartments  

2.9 km from Namba Japan


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Trams, In Life by amitani
Trams, In Life © amitani
Osaka street 2 by Martin Parker
Osaka street 2 © Martin Parker
萬歳湯 by sento-hopper
萬歳湯 © sento-hopper
北天下茶屋駅 by sunset_fine
北天下茶屋駅 © sunset_fine
聖天坂駅 by sunset_fine
聖天坂駅 © sunset_fine
木津川 (Kidugawa river) by christinayan
木津川 (Kidugawa river) © christinayan
昭和山 千島公園 桜の季節 by いいだ
昭和山 千島公園 桜の季節 © いいだ
Tsumori Shopping Street 津守商店街 by match345
Tsumori Shopping Street 津守商店街 © match345
西成区役所 by sunset_fine
西成区役所 © sunset_fine
天神森天満宮 by sunset_fine
天神森天満宮 © sunset_fine
Nankai 50000 series by RodWilliams" border=0>
Nankai 50000 series "Super Rapi:t" airport train 2..
© RodWilliams
大阪市大正区三軒家東6丁目・八阪..<br> by taka_neya
© taka_neya
Ochiai-shimo ferry 落合下渡船 by match345
Ochiai-shimo ferry 落合下渡船 © match345
落合上渡船場の風景 by bohem-tom
落合上渡船場の風景 © bohem-tom
めがね橋 Double roop bridge by sigetzky
めがね橋 Double roop bridge © sigetzky
阿倍野神社 by sunset_fine
阿倍野神社 © sunset_fine
阿倍野神社 by sunset_fine
阿倍野神社 © sunset_fine
Hirao Hondori Shopping Street 平尾本通商店..<br> by match345
Hirao Hondori Shopping Street 平尾本通商店..
© match345
千本松大橋 (Sembommatsu-ohashi bridge) by christinayan
千本松大橋 (Sembommatsu-ohashi bridge) © christinayan

Photos are copyrighted by their owners. Photo range within approximately 3 km (2 Miles) around map point.
NameCitiesDistanceMin rateMax rateClass
 Hotel Kaga
Osaka1.5 kmJPY 1700JPY 2000
 Hotel Shin-Imamiya
Osaka1.6 kmJPY 1800JPY 7000
 Hotel Diamond
Osaka1.6 kmJPY 900JPY 2600
 Daikoku Hostel
Osaka1.7 kmJPY 2800JPY 2800
 Park Inn
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 1200JPY 1500
 Hotel Raizan North
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 2400JPY 5800
 Backpackers Hotel Toyo
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 1600JPY 3800
 Hotel Raizan South
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 2184JPY 2100
 Business Hotel Taiyo
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 2200JPY 4500
 Toyoko Inn Osaka Abeno Tennoji & Hospital Inn Ichidai-byoin Mae
Osaka1.8 kmJPY 0JPY 0
 Peace House Showa
Osaka1.9 kmJPY 2500JPY 2500
 Richmond Hotel Namba Daikokucho
Osaka2 kmJPY 10100JPY 16000
 Toyoko Inn Osaka Tsutenkaku Mae
Osaka2.1 kmJPY 0JPY 0
 Hotel Relief Namba Daikokucho
Osaka2.2 kmJPY 7200JPY 36480
 Guest House Enya
Osaka2.3 kmJPY 3500JPY 3500
 Toyoko Inn Osaka Nanba
Osaka2.4 kmJPY 6804JPY 6804